Report Abuse

Whenever you are on a social site, and you someone makes you feel uncomfortable, Report Abuse! Though the abuse report will not help you in every instance, it will make the community better for everyone. Reporting Abuse allows web administrators to block abusive accounts and prevent them from bothering others. It will also build a history on the abusive account. The site’s admins will investigate it, and possibly remove the user. Remember, if you sense any threat of physical danger, you need to call the police immediately.

Here are some activities that you should report:

  • Threat of Violence or Suicide – Did you see someone threaten themselves or others? Report it immediately.
  • Depictions of Violence – Is someone posting graphically violent pictures or describing violent situations?
  • Predator Alert – Do you think someone is behaving like a predator?
  • Child Pornography – Did you see an inappropriate picture of a minor?
  • Sexually Explicit Material/Nudity – Did you notice something that isn’t PG-13?
  • Phishing Attack/Identity Theft / Spam – Do you think someone stole someone else’s pictures? Is an account trying to collect other members’ personal information or spamming them?
  • Cyberbullying or Harassment – Is someone bullying someone else or using vulgar or offensive language?
  • User Under the Age of 13 – Did you see a person who is 12 or younger that is pretending to be older to be allowed on the site?
  • Someone not the age they are stating – Did you see someone who isn’t the age they have stated on their profile?
  • Virus/Malware – Did someone post something that could harm another users’ computer?
  • Advertising – Did someone post inappropriate advertisements on their page?

Founding member of the NJ Attorney General’s Report Abuse icon initiative. Prominent report abuse icon with best practices behind it.

  • Report abuse when you see it! Each page on MeetMe has a Report Abuse icon for easy access to our abuse reporting form.
  • Any time anyone makes you feel uncomfortable or threatened online, report it right away to keep yourself and others safe. If you sense that someone may be in danger, or you suspect criminal activity, you should contact your local law enforcement agency. If the danger, such as a suicide attempt or a threat of imminent harm is currently in progress, you should immediately dial your local emergency hotline, like 911 in the United States.
  • Help us keep MeetMe safe by reporting fake profiles and other abuse on the site.